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Basics of computer programming

These are some basics of computer programming or computer science. They are not related to Math software, but are here to elaborate a little bit on quite interesting topics.

Computer programming History
If it is the computer programming history that has to be retold, then it is a good idea to begin the story with the Babbage's 'Difference Engine',  way back in 1822...

Future of Programming
Heard of the term open source hardware?  There is currently no real definition of 

this term but this is generally understood as open source software usage alongside hardware...

Learning Computer Programming
Many of today’s companies, businesses, and organizations depend largely on computers and software. That's why the process of learning computer programming is quite relevant and useful these days...

Understanding Computers
By understanding computers we can better exploit their benefits and features... Many of the technologies we enjoy today are the result of computer programming. Technologies that allow us to utilize and enjoy the Internet...

Algorithm Basics
Try telling a computer to do just what you need.  What began as a simple task has now become complicated... right?

Programming Functions
Before looking at different examples of programming functions, it’s better to understand the purpose and definition of function...

Strategic Optimization
Function 'fminsearch' in Matlab is used for strategic optimization or utilized to solve, almost magically, a number of nonlinear problems. It's the Nelder-Mead implementation of the simplex method, which is utilized for the minimization of functions...

Open Source Programming Software
Free programming software is now under consideration in many companies and organizations...

Free Numerical Software
Numerical software is specialized code used to analyze, model, or compute numeric, or geometric information. Many mathematical suites are computer algebra systems that use symbolic algebra. This is a short list of helpful options...

Financial Calculators Online
Try these prepared spreadsheets to analyze useful financial cases...

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