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Free Online Calculators

Here's a group of totally free online calculators (developed on spreadsheets) that seem to have great demand by internauts.

Statistical Calculators

T-Distribution Calculator
The shape of the Student's t-distribution is determined by the degrees of freedom. Its shape changes as the degrees of freedom increases. Try this online spreadsheet...

Binomial Distribution Calculator
This calculator asks to enter three parameters: the number of trials (N), the exact number of successes (n), and the probability of success (p).

Normal Distribution Calculator
This calculator asks to enter three parameters: the known mean of your distribution, its standard deviation and the value you want to explore. The outputs are the frequency and the probability of the value under study...
Poisson Distribution Calculator
Online Poisson distribution calculator. Outputs the probability of an event occurring a given number of times. You must know the expected frequency of the event...

F-Distribution Table
Calculate percentile values for given values on an F-distribution curve. You must provide the F-value, and the degrees of freedom...

Chi-Square Calculator
This spreadsheet calculates the tail-end value for points on a chi-square (X2) distribution curve. You must enter the value and the degrees of...

Financial Calculators

Simple Interest Formula
Online simple interest formula - use this spreadsheet to experiment with your numbers...

Calculate Compound Interest
This interest appears when the interest is added to the principal, and that earns interest, too...

Calculate Monthly Loan Payments
This spreadsheet calculates the amount required as regular payments in order to repay a loan over a specified time period. You enter the principal...

Future Value Calculator
Find a future value calculator of an investment. On this spreadsheet, it's necessary to provide the amount of the initial investment...

Nominal / Effective Interest for Savings Calc
Online calculation of nominal and effective interest rates...

Future Value Annuity
Online Future Value Annuity calculator. You enter regular deposits, number of deposits, number of years and nominal interest rate...

Deposit Interest Calculator
With this Term Deposit Interest Calculator you can calculate the amount required as regular deposit to provide a stated future value in a period...

Calculate Depreciation
Find out your depreciation rate or amount. You have to enter original price,  year of depreciation and either resale price or depreciation rate...

Electricity Cost Calculator
Before you do a final calculation for your household, we recommend checking the tags and owners manuals for your appliances to get better figures...

Salvage Value
The so called salvage value is the estimated value that a particular asset will be worth at the end of its useful life...

Basic Calculators

Quadratic Equation Solver
Find a quadratic equation solver developed on a simple spreadsheet. It uses the known formula to calculate roots (real and complex) of a quadratic expression.

Equation of a Straight Line
Find the equation of a straight line with this online calculator. Provide two points and the calculator will deliver slope and intersect...

Half-life Calculator
Half-life is the period of time it takes for a substance undergoing decay to decreas by half.

Online Base Conversion
Convert numbers in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal.

Ohm's Law Calculator
Calculate voltages, currents, resistors...

Percentage Calculator
A percentage calculator widget. You can solve problems like what is x% of y? x is what percent of y?

Calculate Area

Calculate Square Feet

Right Triangles - Pythagorean Theorem
Solve right triangles.

Body Mass Index
Check your health. Don't forget to see a doctor if in doubt...

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