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Probability and Statistics

In this section we present some examples to solve typical ' probability and statistics ' problems. We present the Matlab code without using any special toolbox or instruction. Everything is plain and simple... You could even code the same algorithms in other programming languages without any problem!

Permutations and Combinations
This algorithm (code in Matlab) calculates the number of permutations and combinations of N objects taken D at a time. The full Matlab code is...

Normal Distribution
This algorithm (program in Matlab) calculates the probability and frequency of given values on a standard normal distribution curve (Gauss’ bell). You have to enter the mean, the standard deviation and the value of interest...

Binomial Distribution
When a binomial distribution is being considered, we use this algorithm to calculate the probability of a number of successes in a given number of Bernoulli trials. It's necessary to provide the probability of succes on a single trial...

Poisson Distribution
Using the Poisson distribution, this program calculates the probability of

an event
occurring a given number of times.   You must know the expected frequency of the event...

This algorithm calculates percentile values for given values on an F-distribution curve. You must provide the value of F, the degrees of freedom in the numerator and the degrees of freedom in the denominator...

Student's t-distribution
This algorithm (Matlab program) calculates right-tail values for points on a t-distribution curve. You must provide the value of t and the degrees of freedom...

T-statistic - Student’s t-Test
This program performs the t-statistic and degrees of freedom for Student’s distribution. The calculations can be based on any one of these three hypotheses...

Chi-square distribution
This program calculates the tail-end and percentile values for points on a Chi-square (X2) distribution curve. You must provide the value of X2 and the degrees of freedom. No special instruction or Matlab toolbox is used.

Random Numbers and Simulations
We’ll use Matlab to generate random numbers so that we can discuss its statistical capabilities and explore some simulations...

Random Number Tables
A random number table is a listing of random numbers where we can choose the quantity of random numbers desired, the maximum and minimum values of numbers in the table, and whether or not duplicate numbers are allowed...

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