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Matlab GUI - basics

In this series of articles, we are going to develop several Matlab GUI (or graphical user interfaces). We explain callback-functions and relevant instructions to activate any action of the elements in the GUI.


First GUI - Hello World!
We are going to develop a simple graphical interface. We’ll use the Matlab GUIDE (Graphical User Interface Development Environment) which is pretty handy... 

This article is a super-fast introduction, but very
convenient because with some ingenuity you can learn it in 10 minutes... or so. Let’s start the ride!

Second GUI - Adder
In this article we’re going to build-up a simple adder. Our adder (by means of relevant callback functions) is going to have two ‘edit text’ components, two ‘static text’ components, and one ‘push button’ element...

Third GUI - Magic Trick!
We are going to develop a GUI that performs a magic trick! We’re going to work on an interface to read your mind! Don’t be scared... it’s safe (as far as I know...). It’s an old trick that has been around for at least 40 years (maybe more), but this is my version with Matlab...

Another Card Trick!
In this article we’re going to develop another computerized card trick using callback-functions in Matlab Graphical Interfaces.
Think of a card and I'll disappear it! You can download the code, too!

How to read a Resistor Code
We're going to decipher the colored Resistor Code with a Graphical Interface. The intention is to be able to use pull-down menus...

Calculating BMI
See how the radio buttons are used and a push button to send data to a spreadsheet...

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