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Financial calculator online

Here you can find a group of useful online calculators related to common financial needs. 

Simple Interest Formula
Inputs: principal, rate, time. Output: simple interest.

Compound Interest
Inputs: principal, annual interest rate, compounded times per year, number of years. Output: ending balance

Calculate Monthly Loan Payments
Inputs: principal, annual interest rate, number of payments per year, number of years
. Output:  regular payment.

Future Value Calculator
Inputs: number of yearsinitial investmentnominal interest ratenumber of compounding periods per year. Output:  total value after y years (future value)...

Saving Interest Calculator
Inputs: initial investmentfuture valuenumber of compounding periods per yearnumber of years. Outputs: nominal interest rate, effective interest rate

common calculator for financial calculations
Annuity Calculator
 amount of regular deposits, number of deposits per year, number of years, nominal interest rate. Output: total value after Y years...

Deposit Interest Calculator
Inputs: future valuenumber of deposits per yearnumber of yearsnominal interest rate. Output: amount of regular deposit...

Salvage Value Spreadsheet
Inputs: original price, depreciation rate and age in years. Output: salvage value...

Calculate Depreciation
Inputs: original price, depreciation rate, year of depreciation. Output: depreciation amount. Input: original price, resale price, age. Output: depreciation rate.

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