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Future Value Calculator

Below you can find a future value calculator of an investment when the given interest is a factor to consider.

On this calculator, it's necessary to provide the amount of the initial investment, the nominal interest rate, the number of compounding periods per year and the number of years of the investment.

Assuming that there are no additional deposits or withdrawals, the future value of an investment is based on the folowing formula:

future value formula


t = total value after y years (future value)
y = number of years
p = initial investment
i = nominal interest rate
n = number of compounding periods per year 

We can get this task done with the following calculator...


Mr. Karl M. makes a modest investment of $100,000 at 9.5%. If interest is compounded quarterly, let's calculate the future value of Karl's investment in 15 years...

We enter our data into the calculator...

Initial Investment = 100,000.00
Nominal Interest rate = 9.50%
Nr. of Compounding periods  / yr =  4
Number of years = 15
and we get this result

Amount =     408,916.74

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Enter the needed values...
(do not use commas)

Initial Investment:
Nominal Interest Rate: %
Number of compounding periods/year:
Number of years:


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