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Learning Computer Programming

Why learning computer programming is so relevant today?

Many of today’s companies, businesses, and organizations depend largely on computers and software. That's why  computer programming is quite relevant and useful these days.

connected world

Nearly all of our business and organizational processes, from accounting to auditing, editing to writing, and communications to organizing, all work best with the help of computers.

There are many different programs that are associated with all these processes, and they deal with helping computer users make spreadsheets, check for grammatical or spelling errors in a document, and organize a personal schedule. These computer programs are made by, and are constantly updated by computer programmers. 

The process of computer programming isn't easy. It starts with developing a concept or goal to achieve. Here, computer programmers will often work with marketers or even sociologists or psychologists. Together, this team, along with many other members, will determine what computer programs a market might need in order to function better, whether in the workplace or at home. The program’s features are developed, with the psychologists or market experts making suggestions, and computer programmers looking at the feasibility of these suggestions. 

software can be very useful

Once the program’s features have been determined, it’s time for the programmers to go to work. They will then start writing the software itself. This is done through the process of coding, where the programmer types in his or her special language, with the aim of giving rise to a program that will function in the way that it is desired. There are many different computer programming languages that are available, and all of them have their own special features, It's also common for programmers to be well versed in several computer languages. This can make their work easier, because a computer software needs to be learned in enough depth to write it out and identify errors later.

Once the program has been written out, it has to be tested. This can be done, at the first level, by the computer programmer: the programmer will test the code on different operating systems, with different microprocessor speeds, and then, eventually, with beta users. In the past, software companies didn't immediately release their software unless it was completely free from errors.

the software has to be tested

Today, due to complexity of systems, many errors might not be identified early on, so beta versions are released, often with the request that users report any bugs so that they can be immediately fixed.

Once testing has revealed different kinds of code errors, the programmers can then debug the program or troubleshoot these errors. The errors will often arise from coding errors, and the computer programmer will often go back to the code and make the necessary corrections. If there are no coding errors and the program is still not functioning properly, then maybe it's due to logical errors, so the programmer may have to modify the code or rewrite the program altogether.

A computer programmer is also in charge of updating a program and making sure that it fits a growing market's needs. In this case, the programmer may have to check back with the marketing team and the social psychologist in order to find out if there are new things that the market might be interested in. Better yet, the computer programmer caask for suggestions from the market itself in order for the program to function better. 

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