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Linear Algebra Books

These are some linear algebra books selected by relevance.

Regarding the H. Anton's book, the chapters have been reorganized to bring up some of the more abstract topics and make the material more accessible.

More theoretical exercises at all levels of difficulty are integrated throughout the pages, including true/false questions that address conceptual ideas.

Anton's approach is to introduce the notation and basic tools, i.e. vector and matrix arithmetic, within the geometric settings of the Euclidean plane and space. Once the basic concepts have been clearly exposed, Anton moves into abstract spaces, linear transformations, and eigenvectors. One chapter is spent on complex matrices, and another develops least-squares applications.

Gilbert Strang's book
includes the following topics:

1.- Introduction to Vectors; 2.- Solving Linear Equations; 3.- Vector Spaces and Subspaces; 4.- Orthogonality; 5.- Determinants; 6.- Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; 7.- Linear Transformations; 8.- Applications; 9.- Numerical Linear Algebra; 10.- Complex Vectors and Matrices; Solutions to Selected Exercises; Final Exam. Matrix Factorizations. Questions for Review. A Dictionary - Index - Teaching Codes - In a Nutshell.

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