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Online Normal Distribution Calculator

This calculator for Normal distribution asks to enter three parameters: the known mean of your distribution, its standard deviation and the value you want to explore. In return, the outputs will be the frequency and the probability of the value under study.

Gauss bell for normal distribution calculator
Normal Distribution

The shaded area represents the probability of "x’" and its frequency is "y".
The normal probability is approximated using the following formula: 

probability = 1 – r(a1t + a2t2 + a3t3) + eps

                             a1 = 0.4361836
                             a2 = -0.1201676
                             a3 = 0.9372980
                             auxiliary formula for Normal Distribution code

                             t = 1/(1 + 0.33267x)
eps < 10-5


The average frequency of a certain type of computers in manufacturing is 2 GHz. The known standard deviation is 0.02 GHz. If the frequency of those computers is normally distributed, what is the probability that a computer runs between 2 GHz and 2.01 GHz?

Run the calculator below and enter...

Enter mean: 2
Enter std. deviation: 0.02
Enter variable: 2.01

The output is

Frequency =     0.3521
Probability =     0.6915

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Normal Distribution Calculator

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