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Sell knowledge... yours!

Is it a good idea to have your own website?
Is it worth it to sell knowledge?
Why should you create your own site? That’s a question that many people ask themselves.

If it’s for mere personal use or fun, then you can find many free options (of course these days it seems as though everyone has a website, individuals and businesses). On the other hand, if it’s intended for business or profit, you should investigate several things before you launch your project.

Why should you create your own website, rather than paying a graphic designer to create it for you?

The first reason to create your own website of course is to have creative control (yours). You can explain to a designer how you want your site to look and what features you wish it to have, but it’ll never come out exactly as you wish because you are the imagination provider, while the graphic designer is the middle man.

Another reason to create your own website is cost (gulp!). Many web designers and graphics professionals are very good at creating websites, but they charge accordingly. It can become very expensive to have someone create a website for you, and no individual wants to spend more money than is necessary in order to create any kind of service…

You don't know anything about building websites?

Some ideas…

Become an Infopreneur
Are you starting from scratch? Sell what people online want... information. You can do it. This is the way to start a profitable online business... regardless of your web skills.


Affiliate Marketer
No product of your own? No problem! The 'affiliate' model is a strong 'high reward/low risk' website monetization option.

Affiliate Marketing

For Students
No more flipping burgers or rolling hot-dogs! Build a exciting online business that pays your tuition and also makes you invaluable to future employers. Generate income and create a resume at the same time!


Work from Home!
Nothing beats working from home. A recent poll shows that a majority of households agree with that. Start your own home-based business... a genuine one!

Site Build It!

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