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Cookbook II

    Angle between Vectors

    Octal to binary

    Gray Code

    Exponential Regression

    RGB images

    Line detection in images

    Find intersections

    Nodal analysis

Financial Formulas

    Future Value

    Calculate Annuity

    Calculate Future Value

    Bank Widthdrawal

    Initial investments

    Nominal interest rate

    Effective interest rate

    Salvage Value

    Calculate Depreciation

    Commercial Paper

    Calculate Loan Payment

    Calculate Simple interest

    Mortgage Amortization Table

Online Calculators

    Percentage Calculator

    Calculate Areas

    Calculate Square ft

    Quadratic equation Solver

    Equation of a Straight line

    Half-life calculator

    Electric consumption

    Base Conversion

    Ohm's law calculator

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Pythagorean Theorem

    Binomial distribution calculator

    Normal distribution

    Poisson distribution

    F-distribution table

    Chi-Square calculator

    T-distribution calculator

    Simple Interest formula

    Calculate Compound interest

    Calculate Monthly Loan payments

    Future Value calculator

    Savings Interest calculator

    Future Value Annuity

    Term deposit interest calculator

    Salvage Value calculator

    Depreciation calculator

Notes on Computing

    Computer programming History

    Future of Programming

    Learning Computer Programming

    Understanding Computers

    Algorithm Examples

    Strategic Optimization

    Open Source programming

    Numerical software

    Financial Calculators online


    IT jokes

    Math Fun

    Famous quotes

    Tower of Hanoi algorithm

    Math magic trick

    Ascii chart
- Simple encoders 

    Mastermind game

Scilab / Scicoslab


    Common Commands



Piecewise Functions

2D Plots

3D Plots

If Statement

Switch Statement


    Suggested Books

    Curve Fitting (polynomials)

    Least Squares (le

    More Curve fitting (datafit)

    Mathematical Optimization

    High-Pass Filters


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