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T-distribution Calculator - Online

Below you can find a T-distribution Calculator. The shape of the Student's t-distribution is determined by the degrees of freedom. Its shape changes as the degrees of freedom increases.

t distribution calculator online
Student's t-distribution curve

The shaded area represents the right-tail value for t. 

The right-tail value is approximated by using the following formula:

right tail values for Students t-distribution


a1 = 0.196854
a2 = 0.115194
a3 = 0.000344
a4 = 0.019527

x value for Students t distrubution

d = degrees of freedom

epsilon value for t-distribution


Determine the right-tail value when t = 2.9 and degrees of freedom dof = 16.

Enter T-value = 2.9
Enter Degrees of freedom = 16

and you get from the calculator
Right-tail value =  0.0051
Left-tail value = 0.9949

This is an image showing another example of how you can use the calculator:

Student's t-distribution, example of calc

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Student's t-distribution

Enter t-value:
Enter degrees of freedom:

Right-tail value:
Left-tail value:

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