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Understanding Computers... is it important?

The Benefits of Computer Programming

By understanding computers we can better exploit their benefits and featuresof electronic devices...
Many of the technologies we enjoy today are the result of computer programming.

Technologies that allow us to utilize and enjoy the Internet, desktop and mobile computers and phones, video games... even those that run automated processes in homes, offices and airports are available thanks to the genius of computer programming.

However, the uses of computer programming are not limited to these alone.  It actually has numerous benefits, such as...

safe code design

It allows the programmer to have a better understanding of computers

Computers are run by programs (also called software).  Without programs, computers are nothing but useless steel and plastic.  With a background in programming, it's easier to understand how computers work, which helps users view the equipment as more than a tool. 

A better understanding of computers also allows users to determine the hows and whys of the system, which helps them become more effective in using the equipment.  Knowing how programs work makes it easy to understand the limitations, such as what they can and cannot do.  This helps users maintain realistic expectations about computers and learn how to maximize their equipment.

Programmers are able to create newer, more useful programs

Computer science is responsible for creating very valuable programs.  Operating systems, for example, the heart and soul of every computer, are made up of thousands, even millions of smaller programs. 

programming in binary code

If you have the right skills in computer programming, it will be easy to literally build a program from scratch and create a very useful tool that may be utilized in many different fields or industries.

Programmers are able to correct bugs in a program

A background in computer programming will allow you to look at a problematic program and do more than just sit helpless.  If there's a glitch or bug in the program, it will be easy for a trained individual to look at the system, detect and locate the problem and make the necessary corrections.  Testing the program will then be easier once you understand what the problem is.

It allows programmers to improve an existing program

Modifying a program is the realm of programmers who deal with special applications.  Computer programmers, especially those who have the training and experience, can take a look at an existing program and determine whether or not it has the necessary components to become a highly optimized program.  If it is not, they can modify the code and improve it, creating a newer, better version.  This is usually done if the program is wrong or if there are bugs in the system. 

It provides programmers more creative ways to entertain

power of technologyThere is a huge market for games and other forms of entertainment that computer programming can support.  New video games, mobile games, animations, graphics and file types are the results of programming.

Computer programming and the future...

One of the most exciting benefits of computer programming is that it offers us a glimpse of the future.  The possibilities being offered today, such as  voice-automated technology, artificial intelligence, more sophisticated programs and the like are just a few of the things we can expect.  With computer programming, many aspects of our lives have gotten easier, quicker, safer and much more interesting.

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