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Interactive plots - graphics without an m-file

This video demonstration illustrates how to use the graphic tools to interactively create graphics or plots without the need of an m-file, in Matlab. You have to display the graphic tools by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of the menu bar, on the figure window.

Three additional windows are now available: the figure palette, the plot browser and the property editor. With the palette, you can add annotations and axes; with the browser, you can select which plots to display or hide; with the properties you 

can change key-properties of the data that you’ve selected and also you can inspect all the properties. Finally, you can also keep your plot by saving the .fig file on your disk, or you can save it as another type of file for exporting to other software packages. You can generate an m-file to display the data that you selected and recreate those signals or lines.

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