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General MATLAB commands

These are Matlab commands to be used for on-line help, directory information, workspace information, general information and Matlab termination.

These functions can be used within scripts or from the command window.

On-line help
help lists topics on which help is available
helpwin opens the interactive help window
helpdesk opens the web browser based help facility
help topic provides help on topic
lookfor string lists help topics containing string
demo  runs the demo program

Directory information
pwd shows the current working directory
cd changes the current working directory
dir lists files within the current directory
ls lists contents of the current directory, same as dir
path gets or sets MATLAB search path
editpath modifies MATLAB search path
copyfile copies a file
mkdir creates a directory

Workspace information
who lists variables currently in the workspace
whos lists variables in the workspace with their size
clear all variables are removed
clear x y z clears only variables x, y and z
clear all clears all variables and functions from workspace
mlock fun locks function fun so that 'clear' cannot remove it
munlock fun unlocks function fun so that 'clear' can remove it
clc clears command window, command history is lost
close all closes all of the figure windows

General information
computer tells you the computer type you are using
clock gives you clock time and date as a vector
date gives you the date as a string
ver shows the license and the version information about
MATLAB installed on your computer
bench benchmarks your computer on running MATLAB compared to other computers

^c (Ctl-c) local abort, kills the current command execution 
quit quits MATLAB
exit same as quit

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More commands

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